Rwanda-Russia bilateral relations

Rwanda-Russian relations are good. On 30thJune 1962, a day before Rwanda gained independence from Belgium, the Soviet Union Government sent a telegram to Kigali recognizing Rwanda as a sovereign and independent state and offered to establish diplomatic relations. The latter were established between the two states on 17th October 1963.

Currently, both countries enjoy good relations through respective resident Diplomatic Missions at Ambassadorial level. The bilateral cooperation between the two countries revolves around political, military, education, human resource development/training and cultural ties. Russia offers University scholarships for Rwandans, and some training for Police officers.

About 800 Rwandan students have graduated from Russian universities over the last 50 years in various disciplines including law, medicine, international affairs and political science.  As priority, Rwanda embassy in Russia will soon embark on consultations with Russian Universities to identify ways of increasing scholarships to Rwanda students in different areas such as science and technology, engineering, mining, petroleum, medicine etc. 

A recent Cabinet meeting approved Ambassador Andrey Vradimirovich Polyakov, as new Russian envoy to Rwanda. The cabinet also approved the appointment of  Dr. Jeanne d’Arc Mujawamariya as Rwanda’s envoy to Russia.  Russia’s ODA contribution per year to Rwanda equals 3.5m USD, effective from the beginning of 2013.This support is channeled mainly through the private sector and allocated mainly to the energy pilot projects in Rubavu. Clearly this is a way of trying to establish possible markets for their projects especially in renewable energy.