The Prime Minister urged children to be responsible citizens

While opening the 10th National Children’s Summit, this 20th November 2014, Prime Minister Anastase Murekezi urged children to uphold values of bravery, patriotism, honesty, integrity, sacrifice and collaboration.


The Premier called upon children to take advantage of opportunities given to them by working with their parents and educators in their upbringing and he promised them that the Government will continue to put in place and implement all strategies that will enable Rwandan children to have access to good education and healthcare.


Speaking on the Government’s achievements in the area of child rights promotion, the Premier said:


In a bid to involve children in all national development programs, the Government put in place children’s forums from the Village level to the District level. These forums are platforms where children give their opinions on all matters concerning their development.


He went on to say that the program dubbed “Tubarerere mu muryango”, which aims to take children out of orphanages into foster families has been helpful, for since its inception, 2395 out of 3233 children have been received into different families. 


On the children’s access to education, Anastase Murekezi said: 


In the education sector, Rwanda has launched the 9 and 12 year-basic education, which aims at providing all children with opportunities to have access to education, now we are proud that, Rwanda is one of the countries with the highest primary school enrolment in Africa, whereby the enrolment rate is at 97%.


This 10th National Children’s Summit, which was launched in the Parliamentary Building at Kimihurura coincided with Rwanda’s celebrations to mark the 20th Anniversary of liberation and 25th Anniversary of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.


This summit attracted 500 children from all the Districts and Sectors and 17 children from East African Community Countries. 

The summit’s theme is “20 Years and Beyond: Advancing Child Rights in Rwanda”.



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