I promise to do the best job I can-Kagame to AU

President Paul Kagame has said that he will do the best job he can to serve Africa and called upon other Heads of States’ support along the way.


President Paul Kagame has said that he will do the best job he can to serve Africa and called upon other Heads of States’ support along the way.


Kagame was speaking Sunday at the 30th African Union Summit in Addis Ababa Ethiopia where he assumed the Chairmanship of African Union (AU) for the year 2018.


In his acceptance speech as the Chairperson of the AU, Kagame promised to do his best to serve the continent.


“It is a solemn honour, to accept the call to serve as Chairperson of our Union. Thank you for your double trust. First as the leader of the reform process now as the chairperson of our Union. I promise to do the best job I can. But I will need your full support,” he said.


Kagame described the President of the Commission, Alpha Condé as a professor and a teacher saying that he (Kagame) has learnt much from him.


“I have also seen his very big heart for Africa. Please join me paying tribute to his impeccable service to African Union Commission,” he said.


Kagame said that Africa’s defining challenge is to create a pathway to prosperity for people, especially young Africans.


He said that elsewhere it has been achieved through industrialisation. However, he added that the growth trajectory that transformed Asia is no longer a viable option for Africa, “We waited too long to act”


He added that technology has evolved so rapidly in recent years that Africa’s window to follow, but he said that the strategy is narrowing much more rapidly than previously understood.


“We are running out of time but we must act now to save Africa from permanent deprivation. We must create a single continental market, integrate our infrastructure and infuse our economies with technology,” Kagame warned.


“No country or region can manage on its own. We have to be functional and we have to stay together. The financial and institutional reform of the African Union derives all of its urgency from these realities,” he added.


He said that Africa has assets and strengths to build on, starting with African Union and its tangible commitment to unity.


He said it is an advantage which no other region of the world possesses in such abundance.


Kagame was elected as the 2018 Chairperson of the AU Commission in the previous meeting that was held in Kigali. At the same occasion also Kagame was tasked to do the reforms of the commission. Reforms which would lead to self-financing.


Supported with the team of experts he selected to help him conduct the reforms, they initiated 0.2% levy on imported goods to support African Union self-financing idea.


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Kagame delivers his acceptance speech


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Kagame assumes AU chairmanship


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