Document Certification Services

Document issued and related fee:


Birth certificate


5 Euros (Non-Refoundable/Non-Transferable)

Marriage certificate



Death certificate



Alive certificate


24 Euros (Non-Refoundable/Non-Transferable)

Notarization of Document


USD 10 (Non-Refoundable/Non-Transferable)

    • For Power of Attorney/Procuration: send the original signed power of Attorney/Procuration indicating current full Physical and postal address, phone number and e-mail address:
      • In it you need to clearly write full names of a person who you are giving the authorization to act on your behalf, with his/her full National Identity card number and place and date of issue,
      • You also need to clearly state specific activity/transaction of which you are giving him/her the authorization for, and in which specific period.



Download Application Form





1.    A signed application letter address to “H.E. the Ambassador of Rwanda to Japan”: indicate your current full physical and postal address, phone number and e-mail address: 

2.    Copy of valid Rwandan Passport (foreign passport): only relevant pages, including a bio-page (photo, names, date and place of birth etc), entry visa etc

3.    Copy of your valid residence permit, (if the foreign passport is an Australian one, then this is not applicable)

4.    For those living outside Russia: In addition to the above indicated fee related to requested document, the following amount should be added in the transfer to me made to the Embassy bank account indicated below:


·      4, 000 Euros : this is compulsory bank charges: please ask your local bank if there is no an intermediary bank between them and our local bank (Bank of Moscow), if there is then you need to add 3,000 Euros  (charges for an intermediary bank): this does not include the transfer charges of your local bank.

·      1,700 JP¥ : for the handling (postage) charges when sending the original document to you:


For Enquiries:


Send your enquiries to the e-mail addresses or call the telephone number indicated below:

E-mail addresses: 




Office telephone #: 8(499) 147-19-92





Bank name

The Bank of Moscow

Account name

AR BANK LTD, Moscow, Russia

Account number



Swift Code

Bank Address



8(499) 147-19-92