Requirements for Application


  1. A signed application letter addressed to Ambassador of Rwanda to Russia: indicate the full physical and postal address, telephone number and e-mail address.

  2. Fill in the application form
    (Download the Application Form)

  3. Indicate the number of your passport (or in case you have the copy of the stolen/lost passport attach it)

  4. Copy of Police Declaration Form of loss/stolen passport

  5. Copy of your flight itinerary to Rwanda

  6. A recently taken colored passport-size photos: with clearly seen ears and cheeks from the front view and white background.

  7. A copy of resident permit (in case you are residing in a country you are applying from)

  8. Emergency Travel Document is Free but for those living outside Japan: need to transfer 1,700 руб to the Embassy bank account (see below) for the handling (postage) charges when sending the original document to you:

·       Plus 4, 000 руб : this is compulsory bank charges: please ask your local bank if there is no an intermediary bank between them and our local bank (Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Ltd), if there is then you need to add 3,000 руб  (charges for an intermediary bank): this does not include the transfer charges of your local bank.

  1. For those who is living in Russia: Postage charges when sending document and receiving passport will be borne by client.



The Emergency Travel Certificate must be surrendered to the Immigration Officer at the point of entry in Rwanda.


For Enquiries:

Send your enquiries to the e-mail addresses or call the telephone number indicated below:


E-mail addresses:  




Office telephone Number8(499) 147-19-92






Bank name

YAR BANK LTD, Moscow, Russia

Account name

Embassy of the Republic of Rwanda

Account number




Swift Code


Bank Address

Jiyugaoka 1-Chome, Meguro-Ku, Tokyo


8(499) 147-19-92